What’s next for december?

It's been a long time since I haven't pushed an update of GameRoom (2 months). For now, all majors bugs seem to be fixed, however some isolated issues that could not be reproduced still exists. Anyway, thanks for the support you have been showing for this project, and the help some gave me to fix annoying bugs!

I've recently launched a Facebook page for this project, I thought it would be a good way to reach more people that are not in the reddit community! Share it if you feel like it, you will make my day!
I will now be pushing updates notes in the brand new "News" page, and replicates them in both Facebook and Reddit. Don't hesitate to comment any update notes with your feedback about it 🙂


The message from IGDB announcing it's url transition

About GameRoom itself, an update should come soon, as IGDB is moving pictures of games on their servers. This transition happens definitely on 01.01.2017, which means that if you don't update GameRoom when notified you won't be able to fetch images for your games in 2017!

An other change will be an optimization, I came by an issue while stress testing my computer, and it seems that the process scanning for games can, in full cpu stress situation, make it throttle a little bit, but enough to be noticeable in some really badly optimized games (not looking at you DICE...). This will be fixed by the next update.

Finally, I'm happy to announce that I have installed a "Feature request" page on this website, to track easily which features are the most wanted and which one can wait a little further! Go take a look, submit what you want, I already added some of them that were suggested on Reddit!

So see you soon for the next update!

Happy holidays everybody!

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