[ALPHA] Version : Theming and UI Scale

Please note that if you don’t update by 01.01.2017, you will be unable to download covers and screenshots for games.

So here it is, the promised December update! As it would have been light to only update the URLs of IGDB’s servers as said previously, some work has been done on the UI of GameRoom.

Introducing now, Theming and UI Scaling!

  • Added :
    • Theming is now possible!
      Modern B&W, new and streamlined theme!

      By default, 3 more themes are included. To unlock, you must buy a supporter key (2.99€, more themes are on their way of course).

    • Supporter Mode : We know that in a perfect world everything is free, but developing GameRoom takes money and time, whether you like it or not. This is a way to show us support with a very small donation, and reward you for it 🙂
    • UI Scale : you have been many asking for it, here it is; you can now select between 5 differents UI Scales
    • Press F10 to toggle the toolbar
    • A dialog showing keys used in GameRoom (in Settings)
  • Updated :
    • The updater is now implemented directly into the app, and is more stable than ever
    • URL to fetch images from IGDB has changed (that is why you must update before 01.01.2017)
  • Fixed :
    • CPU usage in stressed situations was too high
    • An issue where no images would be displayed in the Info scene after editing and saving a game

This update is now available via GameRoom with its built-in updater, or available at the download page!

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