GameRoom discontinued, going open-source

Hello everyone, it’s been a while…

As many thought (quite rightly) I, regrettably, have to stop maintaining GameRoom. I know the last update was more than a year ago but I really thought I could get working on it and continue supporting with the same passion that I had. I guess I was wrong.

Why dropping support now?
It’s a combination of factors that lead me to this decision. First and most importantly, I don’t have the time nor the will to maintain this project anymore. I made a lot of mistakes in its early development when I had only 3+ year of programming experience, and this can be felt throughout the code. Spoiler alert: lots of spaghetti code…
Also, I’ve started a true professional life since, and I don’t have the heart and energy to code when I’m home after work or during weekends. My private life has also taken a turn since, for the better 🙂
Finally, IGDB has changed its API and its conditions for its usage, and this would have required a total rewrite of the backend code that GameRoom uses. This was the click I needed to take this decision.

Open-source you said?
I didn’t want to also fully drop this project that I really enjoyed maintaining when I was more active. I felt that it was more honest to open-source the project so that any interested person could maintain it.
The source code is available here, distributed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. Basically, this license requires any modification to be published under the same license and forbids any commercial usage.
There isn’t much documentation available and some parts of the code are quite horrifying. I frankly think that anybody would be better off writing a similar software using another stack.

What does it mean for users?
For security and convenience reasons, I will keep GameRoom’s website, key system, and server up for a few more years. Supporter keys that were bought were used for this purpose (and some beers, a developer has to stay cool :D) and there is enough to keep all this running for longer. If you bought a key during the last 45 days, I can and will reimburse you if you ask by sending an email to contact[at] It won’t be possible to buy a supporter key from now on.
GameRoom will no longer receive any updates. However as I will keep the database running, you will still be able to fetch metadata about games that were on IGDB prior to June, 30th, 2019. Newer games won’t appear in your searches anymore.

Anything else?
It’s quite funny, I’m becoming hyped for GOG Galaxy 2.0 at the same time. I’ll surely transition from GameRoom to it once it’s out: bigger budget, tighter integration with other launchers, and 1 more Gb of RAM for games. Damn you JavaFX and your impossibility to reclaim memory from loaded images, I still haven’t found a solution against you!

Anyway, it was a nice experience to maintain this project and get so much help and suggestions from you. I hope you’re not too much disappointed, and that you understand that it was a hard decision/realization for me.

I wish you all the best, and hope you have time and passion for your projects 🙂

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