User friendly

GameRoom is designed to be as user friendly as possible. Forget about hours spent to locate your games, and headaches that softwares with 3454 buttons everywhere could give you.

GameRoom wants to spare you some time, while allowing you to realize anything you need!

As you will see in the described features, automation is the keyword of GameRoom. 

Automatic import

Nothing to do. At all.

Great, isn't it? GameRoom automatically scans and imports games from launchers like Steam, GOG, Origin, UPlay, Of course, you can also manually import any game, and also specify a folder to be watched for new games.

But what if you don't want this or that game in your library? Fine just click on ignore it, GameRoom won't ask you to add it anymore. You can of course edit the ignored games/folders in the settings.

All your Steam Games

Yes all of them. Even this one you bought on Steam sales but never bothered to install.

GameRoom asks you if you want to add them as he does for installed games; the only difference is this download symbol on the corner. When you'll want to play it, it will start its installation.

Easy right? Finally you can display your awesome Steam games collection!


With update comes the emulator support ! Configure GameRoom to use you favorite emulators, indicate where you store your ROMs, and GameRoom will pick them up, scrap them and add them to your library ! You no longer need to start 10 different software to play your ROMs, GameRoom regroups each of your old games under the same library !

Does more than just launching your games

In advanced mode, you can set args for the game to start, along with command lines to execute before starting the game and after the game's end. For example here, a game I own won't display properly in fullscreen when a monitoring software is launched; but I need to make sure this software is on when I'm not playing. Easy, just kill the software before starting the game, and restart it after the game's end!
An other functionnality is Gaming Power Mode : when enabled, you can select which power mode should your computer use while playing. This is useful when you are on a laptop that you want to use in saving power mode for common tasks but needs to be in full performance power mode to game properly! No more "Hey, what do I have so little fps? Oh forgot I was on saving power mode". GameRoom offers you lots of little but handy automation tricks


Thanks to awesome IGDB,your game informations can be scraped without you having to copy paste anything! This includes also cover and background images.
Game's theme can also be scraped from youtube, and be played while you look at some infos on your game!

Cover, wallpaper, studios involved in development and pusblishing, release date, serie of games, theme, genre... All those informations are provided automatically by IGDB !

Sort - Group - Search

This would be a useless launcher if you couldn't visualize your games organised as you wish.

Games can be sorted by name, play time, release date and rating. Those fields are editable in edit mode
They can also be grouped by theme, genre, launcher or serie they belong to!
Finally, you can search by name to quick access any game!

Time monitor

GameRoom monitors your play time, as many would be interested to know how much time they spent on some old games not available in modern launchers!
For Steam games it does even better : it keeps it synced with Steam playtime , which means that even non installed Steam games have their playtimes updated!
This time monitoring feature uses very little CPU, we don't want any of what we offer to lower your overall gaming experience

And much more...

And there is much more to discover inside! If you're thrilled with all this features, go to Download ! Remember, it's free 🙂
Otherwise, if you would like to see more, feel free to tell us on Reddit. Please see first if we haven't respond yet to your request in the FAQ 😉

We hope you will enjoy GameRoom!