With update comes the support for emulators in GameRoom ! Although this is available only for supporters , here is a little recap of the features that this introduces :

One click start

You can now display your ROMs alongside games for PC, coming from Steam etc... Once configured, you will be able to start any game by just clicking on it and forgetting that you had an emulation software in the first place !

Automatic scanning

Specify your ROMs' directory, and everytime you will add a new ROM it will be picked up and scraped by GameRoom's scanner !

Search by platform

While manually scraping information for your game, you can now select on which platforms it has been released. Simple, but time saving !

Sort by platform

You could already sort your games per launcher (Steam, Origin...). Now you will also see your ROMs grouped by platforms !

Platforms supported

Here is an up-to-date list of supported platforms, with supported emulators that you can use:

Disappointed that there is not the platform/emulator that you wanted ? Feel free to suggest it here !