Creators Update : GameRoom crashing ?

Hi all !

It seems that since Windows’ Creators Update, GameRoom might have difficulties starting if you use RivaTuner.
This issue arises only for versions under 7.0.0 Beta; if you do not wish or cannot update, here is how to fix it :

First, check that you indeed have an older version of RivaTuner running by hovering its tray icon.

RivaTuner tray icon

If its the case, open it, and GameRoom.exe to the program list (it should be located in %APPDATA%/GameRoom).

Just set the detection level to none as shown here :

Detection level to none

You can now minimize RivaTuner and start GameRoom !

2 thoughts on “Creators Update : GameRoom crashing ?

  1. Peter Collins Reply

    Anyone know what causes a game i am playing yesterday < Now is a black screen and i can't load the game now .
    Empires & Allies is the game . i uninstalled it 3 times and downloaded it again but still black screen, but i also can load other games .

  2. Peter Collins Reply

    I am playing on Widows 10 > that above i have no idea what that is.

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