Bug Report : how-to

Those nasty bugs...

First of all, thanks for reading this, this means you are trying to help the development of GameRoom by providing me feedback on what may not work well/at all!

Here is how you can do it in the most efficient way.
First of all, check if you issue hasn't already been reported to the BUG THREAD or our FAQ. You may find your solution in it too!
After checking, if your issue was not solved/reported yet, please post your issue as a comment directly one the BUG THREAD following instructions given just after.


You should follow the following pattern for your bug report :

Title : <give any title, short if possible>

Version : <version of GameRoom, visible in the Settings screen>

Screenshot (optionnal) : <post a link to an image service like imgur or HostingPics for example>

Description : <describe your issue here. What you did just before it occured, what is happening.>

Extras infos (optionnal) : <if you feel some extra informations about your PC are useful, provide them!>

Log (optionnal) : <not needed for graphical/UI issues, but strongly recommended. Follow instructions as said below>


Here is an example, in Markdown, of a perfect bug report that you can copy paste :

* *Title* : **Games' tiles too big**
* *Version* :
* *Screenshot* : http://prnt.sc/cmp0it
* *Description* : On GameRoom's start, covers have a way too big size; resizing with the slider fixes it but mayy not be saved.
* *Extra infos* : Double 1920*1080 monitors

Which produces : example-bug_report


There are two ways to access to GameRoom's log :

If your version is prior to :

Go to GameRoom's folder, then log folder, and get ONLY the most recent log (you can sort in Windows by most recently updated)

Otherwise :

Go into the settings screen, check advanced, then click on "Open Logs". Now get ONLY the most recent log (you can sort in Windows by most recently updated)


Then copy paste it to a website like Pastebin, and add it to your bug report as said before. And you're done, work is now on me!