[BETA] Version : Microsoft Store support!


  • \"\"Microsoft Store applications support: you can now add to your library any Microsoft Store games and benefit features offered for any other games!
  • Microsoft Store scanner: automatically finds your Microsoft Store games. Requires Internet connectivity.
  • Platforms: Nintendo DS (DeSmuMe, RetroArch) and Nintendo 3DS (citra) have been added to the emulable platforms list.
  • Sorting names: for a given game, you can set a name to use when sorting by name, different from the one being displayed.
  • Process to monitor: you can now tell GameRoom which executable file should be monitored to compute play time while starting your game from a different one. Here is an example of how this can be used to properly start Overwatch and record its play time.
  • Delete wallpaper: simple option to remove/set no wallpaper.
  • Invalid games: warns you when a game has been deleted or moved. This can be disabled in the UI options of the left panel.
  • More variables for pre/post commands.
  • Various help messages.

Updated :

  • There is now a cooldown between two games\' executions. You can double-click safely!
  • Sorting and grouping options are now saved and restored when starting GameRoom.
  • .png files are supported for covers and wallpapers
  • Icons fetched from Windows Explorer for files and folders are now in higher resolution and correctly cropped.
  • Settings now load faster
  • If some games could not be scraped because of a network error, a window gives the choice to try again
  • Some texts


  • A rare issue where GameRoom would crash after seconds.
  • Some games not detected with UPlay scanners.
  • A crash in Edit scenes.
  • Selected Steam account not shown as Selected.
  • Games again start in the parent directory. Fixes various issues with cemu.
  • Non-matching icons in Material Teal theme.
  • Games not launching in some rare folders architecture.
  • Wrong path displayed in the Ignored Entries manager.
  • An issue where games might still display as 'to add' after a restart.
  • The empty library message being wrongly displayed sometimes.
  • A link to a missing .exe file could still be considered as a potential game.
  • A DB related issue where GameRoom would not start without admin rights.

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      I have been quite busy recently, and the last feature development revealed to be time consuming and failed… Sorry 🙁

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