[BETA] Version : Emulators, controllers and more !

Glad to finally publish this update after working on it for months! Sorry if some thought this project was dead, it just required much more work than previous updates. Some core logic had to be rewrote in order to support emulators smoothly, and recent changes that occured on IGDB's side required to rethink the scalability of this app. Anyway, here it is now !

Also, please update before 26.10.2017, or you won't be able to fetch info and pictures of your games anymore


  • Emulators support ! With the supporter key, you can add your ROMs as you would for other games, and configure the emulator to use for each platform !
  • GameRoom can now detect your ROMs as it would scan your games !
  • Multiple games folders support : you are no more limited to one Games Folder, but as much as you want !
  • You can now specify a different folder to save your data/library to. When installing this update you will be asked to set one. You can either keep the actual one or change it to your liking, GameRoom will migrate your data if necessary.
  • Platforms and DLCs filter when searching a game on IGDB.
  • Anonymous statistics reports for development purposes only (please read ToS when installing). Nothing is being sold/transferred/viewed by anyone else than the GameRoom team. But you can of course (and simply) opt-out if you wish !
  • An exit button, and an exit dialog to exit in fullscreen.
  • An option to make covers keep their aspect ratio if they are far from the standard one.


  • Controller support ! You can now select which controller to use and navigate using joysticks. Also, detection of controllers has been improved, (un)plugging controllers now works as expected.
  • Presentation of Developers/Publishers and Series : you can now select from a list of Companies/Series that GameRoom already knows about.
  • Removed the "Monitor again" popup.
  • Added some quick explanations for the software's first execution.
  • Name matching to get more accurate info about your games.
  • Themes for supporter, to be compatible with this update.
  • Better display of explanation tooltips.


  • Window's position and dimensions not correctly restored.
  • Toasts not showing in some cases, or at an incorrect position.
  • An issue where a game would become blank.
  • Some UI crashes.
  • Game launched again in some cases when opening GameRoom after it was minimized.
  • Activation process for supporters, no need to deactivate the key if you reinstall the software.
  • Admin mode not working for some games.
  • Monitoring of games' playtime not working in some cases.
  • Some commands to be executed after a game stopped did not work as expected.
  • Arguments that could be erased in some cases.
  • Controller not working if plugged after starting GameRoom.
  • Controller not working in dialogs.
  • Mouse displaying while using a controller, in rare cases.
  • Scanning process not scraping some games sometimes


I really want to thank people who helped test this update for the last month, now giving you a clean and stable experience ! Also, a big "Thank YOU" for supporters. Without you this project would have died as there are many costs involved to keep this project running !

Enjoy this update and do not hesitate to send feedback on it !

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