[BETA] Version : UI revisited

  • Added :
    • Wallpaper ! Choose a wallpaper for GameRoom among your images (Supporter Key only)
    • Selection of Steam profile to scan : if someone logged in Steam recently on your computer, you can still select only your account to be scanned for new non-installed games.
    • Toolbar has been replaced by a more streamlined sidebar, which includes a navigation drawer.
    • This sidebar can optionnaly appear only on mouse hover, and is resizable
    • When loading games, screenshots are being displayed


  • Updated :
    • Some icons to match the new UI
    • Removed stage's borders
    • Search is now performed by pressing Ctrl + F
    • Removed shortcut F9 to hide top panes, this is now an option in the sidebar
    • Removed shortcut F10 to hide toolbar, no longer relevant
    • "Add" button no longer display a hideous dialog
    • Removed some known (non-game) apps' name proposed when looking for an executable
    • Bundled jre
    • Packaging of the app, which is now pinnable to the taskbar, has a correct transparent icon and appears only as "GameRoom" in your task manager.
    • Fields for play time are now more input-tolerant
  • Fixed :
    • Roaming folder filled with temp scripts not deleted
    • Naming issue with some Steam games and special characters
    • Monitoring issues with Steam games, especially post commands execution
    • An issue where a deleted game could appear on restart
    • An issue that would not allow the user to open a game's details (thanks to @Fhhk)
    • Saving issue when edited an entry with no background

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