[BETA] Version : to the Beta!

With this update, GameRoom is now in its Beta state. This means that it has a correct stability to be broadcasted to a wider public, and is just enough user-friendly. Thanks for your support and help!

This updates aims to give more control to the user, as well as providing him more feedback on what is going on inside GameRoom. Hence, more customization is now possible, directly in the settings.

Launchers support for Steam, Origin and Battle.net have been drastically improved, scanning process is now more efficient, many issues have been fixed. Enjoy !


  • Added :
    • New theme : Material Design, with a Teal flavour. See a preview at the Themes page
    • Application selector : instead of manually browsing for a game's executable, pick it from a list of potential executables
    • An "updating" icon on games being scraped
    • Choice of the scan's frequency
    • Button to manually scan for games
    • Option to enable/disable game scanners. Displayed at first launch and available in settings
    • Option to group games by launchers
    • Toasts (like in Android) to give more feedback on what is going on in background. Can be disabled
    • Shortcut (F9) to disable top panes
    • Option to disable the scrollbar in fullscreen


  • Updated :
    • Steam, Origin and Battle.net scanner are now way more robust
    • Scanning process is now less CPU intensive and complex, requiring less requests. Should be at least 2x faster
    • Scanning now adds game when found, not by blocks as before
    • More components are now themable
    • Updated included themes to support those components
    • Non installed Steam games are now launched as installed ones. This still triggers installation
    • Welcome message
    • Ranking algorithm to scrap soundtracks
    • Themes versioning
    • Install and uninstall scripts
    • Folder scanning is faster
    • Soundtrack are now paused when a game starts
    • Steam games are also monitored now, and their playtimes are synced with Steam later (as before)
    • Name cleaning for games, ensures better scraping too
  • Fixed :
    • An issue where a game's launcher was incorrectly set
    • The Game Folder chooser being behing dialogs
    • Graphic error on the default play button
    • A threading issue while reloading a game button
    • "addAll" stuck with a cover being empty
    • A scaling issue
    • GOG.com scanner detecting invalid games or DLCs
    • Soundtrack not being played at first
    • Soundtracks not ranked before being chosen automatically
    • Some UI issues with "selectors"
    • Some scraped infos not being saved
    • Background image not scaling correctly
    • An issue when doing a research twice
    • A logging issue with pre and post commands
    • An issue when hiding GameRoom after starting a game and reopening it would start the game again
    • Editing a path and then trying to open its folder would open previous folder
    • Soundtrack would continue playing on Main screen in rare cases
    • Some Steam games would not appear as "last played"

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