[ALPHA] Version : Improved Steam support, and much more!

[ALPHA] Version : Improved Steam support, and much more!

      • Added :
          • Quick access by typing the first letter of a game
        Here, the 'A' key is being pressed multiple times
          • Option to add all games in "ToAdd" without editing each one
            Clicking this button adds automatically all games that are in your "To Add" row
          • Option to "Cancel All" while adding multiple games at once and editing them
          • Counter of games in the row's title
          • Not really in this update, but GameRoom is available with an installer now!
          • Scrollbar position is saved and restored


          • Updated :
            • Steam games scanning for multiple directory installations.
            • File system : all is now done into the AppData folder, to avoid file permission related issues.
            • Some logging for better debugging
            • Some production processes, to deploy more robust releases


          • Fixed :
            • An issue with the background image resized to wrong proportions
            • An issue when Steam's library has been moved
            • An issue were the size of tiles was not saved
            • An issue with the startup option
            • Some irritating UI feels

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